Director for your balloon show

Season 2, Chapter 12 – Danny Schlesinger – Getting a Director

Β Season 2, Chapter 12 – Β Danny Schlesinger – Getting a Director for your show

Danny Schlesinger is an award winning Balloon Performer, a talented twister and a dear friend for the Balloon Family. When he is not out in Balloon Conventions he is located in the UK. In this chapter you will learn:

  • All kinds of ideas on how to Balloonify a Magic Show
  • Tips on connecting two routines to one another to create a flow (demonstrated on top of ZK’s show)
  • Engaging with the birthday kid
  • Learn about some of the props that magician uses
  • The tiny magic wand for the tiny magic trick
  • How to present a magic trick revelation
  • The music I use for the rose routine
  • Keep your puppet “alive” to fulfill the illusion

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Learn more about Danny Schlesinger: Danny’s Director’s site: https:/ Danny’s FB: Download the ZK show entirely. For FREE

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