The following are the privacyΒ policies for both Brody’s Balloon Stock App and Balloon Stock App.

The details that you set into the application are used for your benefit in the following manner:

1. The lists that you backup or buy areΒ being sent via email to either your balloon provider (Brody in Brody’s Balloon Stock App or whoever you setup in settings for Balloon Stock App) or yourself or both.

2. The list is kept on our servers (hosted by Google) to allow us analyze the app usage and backup your lists. List retrieval cost may apply but currently its free!

3. Your email will be used to corresponding with you and making you offers that are promotional in nature (mostly educational in nature).

4. We reserve the right to upgrade the app version with more features that also includes sponsorships or paid features in the future.

5. Other than that – we promise to guard your details and not to share it with anyone.

Ziv Raviv, CBA

Host of the Ballon Artist Podcast

a.k.a Zivi Kivi

p.s – see you in Float and T&S 17.