Julian Mather

Season 1, Chapter 5 – Julian Mather

Season 1, Chapter 5 – Julian Mather and Balloon Workshops

Julian Mather is the host of the Magician Business Podcast, and the Kids Entertainer Hub Podcast – both of them are resources that you should definitely know and study.

His work with Balloon Workshops is ground-breaking. I had the privilege of learning from Julian directly through his paid online course and the results for me were simply amazing. I have invested about $156 on the course and sold my first workshop for about $800. During the last summer, I have managed to secure about 4k$ worth of bookings of workshop alone (and for some reason marketing this on adwords was super cheap here).

Here is what you will learn in chapter 5 of the Balloon Artist Podcast:

  • Why its crucial to put aside your EGO and think about what you customer needs instead of what you can do for your customer
  • How simple shapes work better in a Balloon Workshop Environment
  • How to count balloons fast and save time on pre-inflating the balloons
  • How many balloons should you pre-inflate for each kid that attends the workshop?
  • How to count balloons really fast for your Balloon Workshop
  • How to use a script in your balloon workshop and why you MUST use this
  • How to sell the Balloon Workshop to your customer

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Julian Mather’s Balloon Workshop course is available here as well (this is an affiliate link and I highly recommend you checking it up. This system worked for me very well and helped me pass a slow season in the summer of 2015)   The Balloon Worksop Blueprint Affilate link including the free videos that will help you sell the workshop even if you don’t buy the course itself   Learn more about Julian’s work here: https:/www.kidsentertainerhub.com https:/www.magicianbusiness.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/407660266054759/    

Learn the Balloon Penetration Magic Trick NOW

Hidden tip: the flower and the candle technique to help kids calm down.