Being on the fence about WBC is hard.
Allow me to try and make it easier
to say YES to WBC

  • From: Zivi Kivi

  • Israel

  • Mar 9th 2016

Zivi Kivi

When I went to WBC 2014 I had no idea about the impact it will have on my life.

One month after the event I left my day job (where I was earning a high end salary) and became a full time pro.

That was the end of six long years of working in two jobs: one as a Project Manger in a software company and the other as a Balloon Artist and Kids Entertainer on birthday parties.

WBC 2014 gave me the Courage to LEVEL UP and go Pro

And now we are so close to WBC 2016. If you already registered then just that you know: I am jealous. 

If you didn't register you must feel like me:

Frustrated: About the cost. About the flight costs. About the end of the early bird prices. 

and also: why can't I go and learn from the best of the best in the biggest event of this planet for balloon artists? An event that helps twisters go into decor, helps decor increase their skill and make the two meet together and party...

I am going to tell you the truth. The main reason why I want you to consider this SPECIAL offer of you getting off the fence is that I am thinking about the Balloon Artist Podcast survival. Establishing a sponsorship with Qualatex was strategic. Its so important for me to help you make up your mind that Qualatex and me came up with an offer that will be HARD to resist. Please stop reading NOW if you dare.

There are two type of expertise that are VERY important in your business. Your proffesional skills in the Balloon Art is one of them. The other one is your business skills. Going to WBC 2016 will cover you for both this year, even though almost 99% of the class there is not seriously about business. So how come? read on and learn.

My offer for you is to get access to... me

I am going to offer you an intensive, hands on training that will transfer your business and put it directly at 2016. I will give you the tools that allows a business to grow and be financial. I will open my kimono, and then some. Here are all the details.

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the BAP WBC 16 Offer

Limited time offer
on the
Automated Modern Business Course (AMBC)

Never in your life will you get an opprotunity to boost both your art and your business at the same price. If you were looking for another reason to register, you just got an opprotunity to be a part of something  big. 2016 will never look the same

Register for WBC here and get FREE access to AMBC

Zivi Kivi, CBA