The Kivi Media Vision

Kivi Media is a network of media outlets designed to service specific laser focused niches within the Events and Performances industries.

It was founded in 2016 by Zivi Raviv (a,k.a Zivi Kivi) with the launch of Balloon Artist Podcast which later evolved into an online school called Balloon Artist College.  The inspiration to service the niche of Balloon Artists came from watching the work of Ken Kelly and Julian Mather who created the Magician Business Podcast and later on the Kids Entertainer Hub / Academy.

In Sep 2017 when Ken and Julian approached Zivi and asked him to start teaching in their brand new KEA (the Kids Entertainer Academy) he was excited to join teams with the guys that got him started with podcasting and online education.

Forward 18 months later, Zivi was offered to become a partner and later on to become sole owner of the Kids Entertainer Hub.

The vision for the Kivi Media was created during that transaction and here it is, given before you in full transparency.

  1. KM (Kivi Media) will work to provide laser focus, valuable, online education programs for each niche to help its members to improve their artistic and professional skills. RUTHLESS RESULT:  This includes producing 3-5 courses a year according to needs of the customers
  2. At the same time, working under one umbrella allows KM for certain programs to be served towards any customers of any niche. This is done through a business program that runs once a year and a business challenge that runs twice a year. RUTHLESS RESULT:  generating 80k a year from higher end programs
  3. KM aims to guide and support professionals at all levels in the events and performances industries. These include FREE trainings and paid Certifications. RUTHLESS RESULT:  4 types of certificates by the end of Sep 2019
  4. KM will create tools for marketing for its customers that will create added value and a One Stop Shop experience through subscriptions. RUTHLESS RESULT:  launching a mini page mobile site tool and a mobile app within 12 months
  5. KM believes that service providers that were trained by its chain of schools prvoide superior value. Therefor we will  grow the number of proffesionals that are trained by our schools. RUTHLESS RESULT:  growing in 100% in 12 months. Introducing BAC and KEA to 1 new language in the next 12 months (franchising).
  6. KM currently runs 2 media outlets. We will grow to 3 within 12 months. RUTHLESS RESULT: open up a clowning online school or creating a relationship with the face painters TV company.
  7. KM is projected to make an income of 80k each (for two outlets) in 2018. The goal will be to grow at a 50% rate per year, and  to leverage the umbrella company to save on expenses so work at a 25%+tax expenses across the company.  RUTHLESS RESULT: Take home