Season 7 Chapter 6 – with Jansie Martin

Jansie Martin is so young in the journey, but already smashing it in the balloon decor business. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Jansie is an accountant
  • Married to a professional chef and stay at home dad
  • She went from inflatables into balloons because she heard there is money in it on youtube.
  • She a big believer of podcasts, it’s her go to resource whenever she wants to learn something
  • Balloon Artist Podcast is her biggest influence in her balloon decor journey
  • Zivi thinks she’s the fastest person who got the CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) EVER
  • She does 3 to 4 decor jobs per month
  • Up-selling is her challenge right now because she’s not a sales person
  • Check out Jansie’s website

Episode Tip: create your own website with this free course.