Season 7 Chapter 5 – with Kevin Hagberg

Kevin Hagberg is  a young talented artist from Vegas. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Been living in Vegas for the past two years
  • He’s a balloon twister and mostly does balloon twisting in restaurants and parties
  • Was part of a volunteer circus group back in Arizona
  • Cody Williams was his juggling partner
  • Kevin was a juggler, did acro-balance and shows in full costume.
  • Never got into busking because it’s illegal in his area
  • Gives kids broken balloons and ask them to let it go and airplane joke gets a lot of laugh for him
  • Has been into balloons for four years now and it is already his full time job
  • He was a full time cook before he became a balloon artist
  • Came to a point where he had to choose between the two for his physical well being
  • And never had a 2nd thought when he chose to become  a balloon artist
  • Two years ago he decided to move to Las Vegas and it was a one of the biggest hurdle he experienced
  • Working with Cody Williams was a great influence on him
  • Now he organizes balloon jams because it is very beneficial for balloon artists to learn from each other
  • His 12 month goal is to double down on online work, apply all his learning from MABBC which is a course from BAC
  • Kevin’s website
  • Kevin’s Instagram Account