Season 7 Chapter 4 – with Dustin MacMillan

Dustin MacMillan is a talented young prodigy. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Dustin is a 22 year old kids entertainer from Alberta, Canada
  • He got into balloons just 2 years ago but he’s a magician for about 9 years
  • On his first five months, he was a “theoretical” balloon artist
  • He has always done the circus arts as a hobby
  • Uses his college room to take photos of his designs
  • Takes up Kinesiology – exercise and sports science
  • Working on a nutritional school show that uses magic and balloons to teach children about a healthy active lifestyle
  • Has 100 different recipes of green smoothy
  • He’s doing a lot of online learning, because of homeschooling experience he’s gained the ability to learn by himself
  • Takes up courses inside Kids Entertainment Academy and Balloon Artist College
  • Prefers giving him tools instead of recipes so to speak when it comes to learning from online courses
  • Started taking classes on sign language because he fell in love with the language and did a magic show for the deaf community
  • Does a once a year performance for the deaf community at a summer camp
  • Check out Dustin’s website at

Chapter Tip: be a Multiplier