Season 7 Chapter 2 – Special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is a special ultra time sensitive episode for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this chapter you will learn:

  • What is Balloon Artist College.
  • How Balloon Artist College grow through the years.
  • Balloon Artist College as a stool with 3 legs.
  • The BAC offers for Black Friday and pricing deals ( the lowest prices in BAC history).
  • What happens inside BAC, like webinars, challenges and other super valuable contents.
  • What is Kids Entertainment Academy?
  • How KEA became a sister company of BAC.
  • The Kivi Media Team.
  • The KEA Business Model.
  • Why customers join BAC and KEA.
  • The Kivi Media Challenge to grow your business starting January 2019.
  • The Dance Floor Experience Blueprint explained. Save 58%!
  • The Newborn Parties Balloon Decor course.
  • Balloon Birthday Recipe at 48% off!
  • Climb Inside Course 48% off!
  • BBR and Climb Inside Bundle only for $300. WOW!
  • Clowning and Comedy Course at 70%
  • Balloon Upsell Course only for 200 bucks and this comes with a SHOP option for your site.
  • TIP for this episode: How to post in Instagram using your computer.

Where you can learn more about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Chapter Tip: How to post in Instagram using you computer.