Season 6, chapter 5 – with Ran Nitka – Going Blind (full version)

The following interview was taken in hebrew and was translated to english. We have decide to make two versions of this chapter – one with the full answers in hebrew and on with only those cut out and only the englishΒ answers in my voice. This version is the short version (edited ++) and the next chapter (released at the same time) is the long one. Ran Nitka is a balloon artist from Israel, a father of two girls. Ran is going blind due to a genetic disease. In this chapter you will learn:

  • What Ran does in preparation for the day he goes blind fully
  • How Ran visualize his sculptures in his head
  • The two options bag that will tell Ran where is the balloon he is looking for
  • What is the secret to overcoming being blind and still being a balloon decorator
  • How Ran sees pain vs the results of success
  • What is Ran’s vision

Where you can learn more about Ran:

Chapter Tip: Find the most effective reminder tool that works for you. Practice using it.

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