Season 5 Chapter 3 – The Job Cost

Zivi Kivi is the founder of Balloon Artist College. In this chapter you will learn:

  • The 5 steps of the Job Cost Form
  • How to use the Job Cost Form as a MARKETING tool
  • Why you can’t charge people for whole bags of balloon but just on how much you actually use
  • How much to charge for labor
  • How to bootstrap your decor business with limited designs / colors / shapes
  • What pricing systems do to your balloon business
  • Why we LOVE price tags how to leverage that as Balloon Artists
  • The formula: ((Balloon cost + Direct Expenses + (hours of work * salary per hour)) /Β  (1 – (indirect Expense percantage / 100))) * (Profit precantage/100)
  • Example: ((10+30+30)/0.7)*1.2 = 120 meaning $10 of balloons for one hour will cost the customer $120

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