Season 4 Chapter 2 – Guido Verhoef – The 5 Threats

Some info about today’s interviewee. In this chapter you will learn:

  • The 5 Threats to our Industry
  • Threat 1 – The Environmental Risk. What we can do – we need to grow as an industry and stop balloon releases. Know the facts!
  • Threat 2 – Latex Allergies. What we can do – be responsible and aware. Make sure no one that has an allergy to Latex touches your balloons.
  • Threat 3 – the level of nitrocemensΒ in the latex ( a special ingredient that keeps the latex weak). What can we do – ask our manufacturers for more info. Be aware.
  • Threat 4 – choking hazzard. What we can do – be safe with babies!!!
  • Threat 5 – self educationΒ as the end of the decor industry… What we can do – be more proficientΒ and keep some of our secrets to ourselves (within the industry)! Use links!

Hear the first part of the interview:


Chapter Tip: The Challanges Game – new way to do line work, by Zivi Kivi