Season 3, Chapter 6 – Dennis Scott

Season 3, Chapter 6 –  Dennis Scott – From WBC 16

Dennis Scott and I met in Israel in a WBC 16 where he served as an instructor and he shared his experience of competing on Large Sculptures competitions.

  • Becoming an instructor was only possible due to his deep involvement with building a large sculpture for a competition
  • It helped him in the local market too!
  • Competing for 4-5 years and doing the CBA opened up new income opportunities
  • CBA program is aimed at decor but as a twister it helps too and allows to sell add ons to birthday parties immediately
  • Some parties only want the classic decor
  • Large scale balloon jobs are done with the help of friends and colleagues
  • The importance of Job Cost Forms to verify you price yourself correctly
  • Why moving out from water weights was a must on corporate decor
  • Develop speed twisting by… doing restaurant work
  • Consider your name to not include only twisting atmosphere

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