Colin Myles Balloon Artist

Season 3, Chapter 5 – Colin Myles – creating a balloon sculpture

Season 3, Chapter 5Β – Β Colin Myles – From Qualatex Israeli Event

Colin Myles and I met in Israel in a Mar 16 and he shared the process of how he creates a unique sculpture for a customer, from start to finish.

  • Size of the room for the sculpture is one of the first questions that Colin asks
  • The he thinks about texture
  • Hear the Dolphin -> Elephant competition and don’t be afraid to experiment
  • Google – research for the real version of the frog (if a frog was requested)
  • Google – Cartoon images of the frog
  • Social media – look for versions of theΒ frog
  • Thinking – deciding on the movement of the sculpture
  • Be the Dolphin

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Chapter Tip:

Balloon resourcesΒ in the podcast site

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