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Season 3, Chapter 3 – Jeff Wong and Edward Kao

 Season 3, Chapter 3 –  Jeff Wong and Edward Kaw – in Israel

Jeff Wong (Hong Kong) and Edward Kaw (Taiwan) were the instructors of a convention Qualatex held in Israel in Mar 2016.

  • Jeff Wong & Edward Kao – Winners of multiple competitions (balloon figure) and winners of first prize of WBC 14 of the medium sculpture
  • Jeff Wong does mainly birthdays parties and about 10% of weddings. Edward Kao likes to diverse and even did balloons in a funeral
  • One of the methods of J&E is to use many techniques in order to take a design and make it PERFECT
  • Start with basic foundations like how to judge the length – the basics are the foundation
  • How to plan your big sculpture – the Jeff and Edward way (-:
  • Adding mood to the characters to make people look at a sculpture for a longer time
  • Practice makes perfect and the best teacher is yourself
  • The Marketing systems of having  your own Mobile App


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Learn more about Jeff Wong and Edward Kao:

decor from a funural:




By Eduward Kao


The team together:


With the first prize on medium sculpture winning design:

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Chapter Tip:

price unfairly

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