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Season 3, Chapter 2 – Steve Axtell & Daniel Mark – KAX and Kidabra

 Season 3, Chapter 2 –  Steve Axtell & Daniel Mark – KAX and Kidabra

Daniel Mark is the director of the Kidabra Convention. Together with Steve Axtell – KAX was born in the west coast.  In this chapter you will learn exactly why you should attend KAX or Kidabra.


  • Dates: 25-28, Jan 2017
  • At California USA
  • Who is this for: Everyone that entertains for a living: Balloon Artists, Magicians, Jugglers, Story tellers, Clowns and more
  • One of the emphasize is Puppets but this is for all family performers
  • Classes on balloons, magic, puppets and more
  • Some of the talents that joins KAX (and also teach there occasionally) includes Buster Balloon, Annie Bannanie, David and Shanna Brenion.
  • Location near LA allows for super stars from the TV industry to join and share their knowledge
  • Attendance: about 175 delegates
  • Unique experiences: the product show with all the inventions of Steve Axtell revealed  exclusively. In addition – the location allows for super stars to attend and teach
  • Has a family feeling
  • Cost: around $250-300 with no change towards to the event


  • Dates – August 2017
  • At Tennessee USA
  • Who is this for: Same as KAX really! if you are into family entertainment – you are in the right place
  • Has place for young and promising artists as well (and a scholarship program)
  • Also has a balloon Jam
  • A 5 days event!
  • Performance focus convention


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