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Season 3, Chapter 1 – Sheree Brown-Rosner – FSJ

 Season 3, Chapter 1 –  Sheree Brown-Rosner – Florida Super Jam

Sheree Brown-Rosner and Herschel Rosner runs the 8 year old Florida Super Jam (2017 will be the 9th year!!!).  In this chapter you will learn exactly why you should attend FSJ.

  • Dates: 4-7, Jan 2017
  • Hours: 9am – 12 midnight
  • Lunch breaks and Dinner breaks
  • Classes: no conflicts! you don’t need to choose
  • Intensive learning classes: like master classes but with no extra charges (2.5 hours) – topics: beginners and balloon basics, dress making, deco (half Qualatex & half Betalatex), Nitty Gritty Line work and Beyond, restaurants, parties, ShowsMarketing and more
  • There are NO competitions (so you only focus on learning and fun)
  • A welcome show on the first night (with press opportunity for Flordia artists)
  • Jamming throughout the day and group build throughout the day
  • Jam room includes a mayor of the balloon city at all times so you can get help if you need it (super jam man is in the house)
  • Jam room will include contests (one sponsored by Qualatex, one sponsored by Betallic)
  • The event has a theme!
  • Cost:Super Spooky Bird Price up to October 31, 2016Adult  $225. Check mailed in by (October 31, 2016)Adult  $225.+$10. PayPal up to (October 31, 2016)
  • Suitable for – all levels
  • All balloons made in classes are donated to kids in need!
  • Vendor room by Larocks + many other vendors
  • Hotel rooms are $69 a night
  • Go to FSJ website for a raffles that might win you an Origanizer! Picking winner on Dec 25th

Nao Osaka-san taught this bird wing in FSJ

Learn more about FSJ: https:/ Chapter Tip: The closers survivals guide Nao Osaka-san taught this bird wing in FSJ

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