balloon Artist Takehiro Kai

Season 2, Chapter 8.5 – Takehiro Kai – Special Interview from WBC 16

 Season 2, Chapter 8.5 – Takehiro Kai – Special

Takehiro-san is the best of the best of balloon artists level out there. He is awesome and he wins awards regularly due to his awesomeness. It  In this chapter you will learn:

  • How loud it gets on award night
  • How much we are all humans and need affirmation, appreciation and respect
  • How even when you are in out of this world level of balloon art you still hope to learn more and improve
  • How being in contact with other balloon artists is important for all of us
  • How much value conventions may give you (if you attend some you might meet people like Takehiro-san and learn from them)

Learn more about  Takehiro-san here:
Chapter Tip:

Test your titles

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