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Season 2, Chapter 4 – Addi Somekh – Balloon TV and Music

 Season 2, Chapter 4 – Addi Somekh – Balloon TV and Music

Addi Somekh is in the frontier in so many aspects. His TV show included gigantic challenges. His bass music is phenomenal and his balloon hats (and book about them) are a milestone in the history of modern Balloon Art. In this chapter you will learn:

  • What is “the Unpoppables” and how the show came to be
  • Balloon Music – what is it and who is it for
  • What type of music gets you rebooked as a musician (this is important – if you understand the brilliance of this you will be able to see your customer needs)
  • Balloon hats extreme – for adults – how long should it take to make them
  • The importance of practice
  • The deeper meaning of practice
  • How to practice your balloon art
  • Practical tips on how to start practicing balloon hats
  • How to leverage negative space in Balloon Hats
  • Tips on how to actually make balloon hats to adults
  • 4 super useful tips on practicing (find the time, twisting slowly, take pictures, challenge yourself to do x like make 10 hats)
  • The Go-out-of-your-comfort-zone-slowly tactic

Download Addi Somekh’s Balloon Bass Album for FREE

You can learn more about Addi Somekh here: https:/ The Youtube Channel (Subscribe NOW): The Unpoppables show: https:/ The Balloon Hat Journey: https:/ Balloon Bass site: Please like this page or follow Addi on instagram @newballoonart or on Download the Album Unpopable Trio by pressing the blue button: Addi Somekh – Balloon Bass , Joey Maramba – Electric Bass, Alfredo Ortiz – Drums Download Addi Somekh’s Balloon Bass Album for FREE

Chapter tip:

Get rid of bad habbits or force yourself to practice more by using Pavlok.