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Season 2, Chapter 4.5 – Chris Fuentes – The Benefits of Conventions

Β Season 2, Chapter 4.5 –Β Chris Fuentes – Why Conventions Matter

Chris Fuentes has a Balloon Business in New York and have been inspired by the Balloon Artist Podcast to go into the Restaurant work. This created a chain of events in Chris’s life where he is now in a position that he needs to hire people for his business. How awesome is that? In this chapter and success story you will learn:

  • How Chris Fuentes took action after listening to the podcast and how his business grew
  • How fast did Chris got his money back from WBC 14
  • How it taught him the importance of conventions
  • How training and education helps him make a living from balloons and have available time with his two kids

You can learn more about Chris Fuentes here:

Chapter tip:

Google Street View App for creating 360 degrees pictures for facebook