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Season 2, Chapter 3 – Phileas Flash – Adding Entertainment Value to the Line Work

 Season 2, Chapter 3 – Phileas Flash – Line Work Improved

Phileas Flash does it all. Line work, Magic shows, big balloon sculptures and more. He makes a living out of entertaining kids in Canada. In this chapter you will learn:

  • What kind of gigs can become available for you from doing birthdays
  • What is a Challange Line Worker
  • A tip on getting a tip (the uneven number)
  • Pushing for the surprise
  • How to create a full package incentive
  • Why talking while working will make you look better
  • The quick line up concept
  • The t-shirt tip
  • “Do you know what it is yet”
  • The virtue of patience
  • Jokes – I can work slower and a few additional ones
  • The “change a color” request reaction – all the balloons are the same from the inside. Please don’t hurt its feelings.

Phileas Flash shared a BONUS video with me in WBC 2016

  Balloon Line Work You can learn more about Phileas Flash here: Buy stuff Phileas Flash made NOW: https:/!online-store/c10ho The Volunteer project: https:/ Phileas Flash shared a BONUS video with me in WBC 2016

Chapter tip:

The two hour system and

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