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Season 2, Chapter 2 – Matt Falloon – Building Balloon Shows

 Season 2, Chapter 2 – Matt Falloon – Building the Show

Matt Falloon is a really nice guy. I mean – seriously – you gotta meet him. He is also quite proficient with balloons and is generally funny. Hence, it’s not a surprise that he makes his living with entertaining kids with his Balloon Show. Matt Falloon has released multiple best-selling DVDs and digital downloads and is an Instructor in multiple conventions. In this chapter you will learn:

  • How cutting his show from 14 “things” to 4 routines made his show good – don’t overcrowd your show
  • The magic bullet for a great show – engagement and interaction with the audience
  • Who is more “important” during the prep of the show – the kids or the adults
  • Preparing balloons for the show – the big reveal – why and it is efficient for bigger crowds
  • How to turn a magic show prop to a balloon show routine
  • The 16 inch Quick Link and where to buy them (no they are not real)
  • The age that is suitable for enjoying balloon shows
  • What is doing a show all about
  • A quick way to change the same props to fit BIGGER venues
  • What to do if you return to the same group year after year (or month after month)
  • Tips for people that create their first balloon show in details (watch kid shows, copy stuff and appropriate it for yourself, scripting magic
  • The difference between a balloon show and making balloons on stage
  • What is the least important thing in the show

Secret Video of Matt Falloon having FUN at WBC 16

You can learn more about Matt Falloon here: Check out Matt’s International Level Balloon Artist website Buy stuff Matt Falloon made NOW: Awesome Digital Downloads: https:/ Best ROI out there with Picos: https:/ Be tidy and neat with Rolls: https:/ And show support by buying more stuff like Cutters and more: https:/
Secret Video of Matt Falloon having FUN at WBC 16

WBC had Matt Falloon

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