Ori Livney Figure it Out

Season 1, Chapter 9 – Ori Livney

 Season 1, Chapter 9 РOri Livney

Ori Livney is a master of the art, with vast experience in all fields including decor, large sculptures, dresses, twisting and entertainment.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • The Figure It Out System that Ori Livney articulated and created many years ago
  • How to implement the figure it out system so that you can create a fresh design anytime you want to
  • Learn what is Proportion and Scale and how to actually implement that NOW
  • Have the challenge of the Linearity principle –
  • Resolution and when to go into bigger balloons or weaving techniques
  • How to use your Sharpie in a way that fits the proportion of the sculpture
  • The Color Principle – you already know this. Or do you? One tip Ori gives on this chapter is worth your entire time investment
  • Techniques – what will it allow you to get if you master as many of them (and who should you follow)
  • Construction – if you are not using these invisible bubbles you are missing out an opportunity!

Learn what makes CUTE in 5 minutes

You can learn more about Ori Livney here:

His 5 minutes .com venture:


Ori’s Origanizers:


Ori’s Youtube channel:


Ori’s facebook pages:




Ori’s local site (in Hebrew):


learn more about Ori by reading a previous interview with thim on the balloon chat .co.uk site:



ori livney origanizer

Learn what makes CUTE in 5 minutes

Chapter tip:

How to twist balloons on an airplane (highly under inflated)

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