Mike Floyd Balloon Artist

Season 1, Chapter 8 – Mike Floyd

┬áSeason 1, Chapter 8 – Mike Floyd

Mike Floyd is well known for his Balloon Animals YouTube Channel, and is also the owner of Balloon-animals.com digital download shop.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • The Fan Club system that Mike is using (which formed about 2-3k local subscribers!)
  • How to make your fan club move with you from one restaurant to the other
  • How you can’t create 20 bad ideas – so might as well try to!
  • Why not everyone can sell their designs on Balloon-animals.com
  • Why original work is important
  • Learn how to get more tips with this one simple to implement tip

See how Mike started and be inspired

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You can learn more about Mike here:


Subscribe to his YouTube Channel NOW:


Want a t-shirt like the one Mike is using? Check this out:



Mike was generous and offered two coupon codes for you to use in his digital shop.

Use the coupon bapfree here for the free heart and arrow design


Use the coupon bap50 here


Coupon available till 22nd of April.

See how Mike started and be inspired

Chapter tip:

buy one piece of content from someone TODAY

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