Ted and Betty Vlamis

Season 1, Chapter 8.5 (Special) – Ted & Betty Vlamis

 Season 1, Chapter 8.5 (Special) – Ted & Betty Vlamis

Ted & Betty Vlamis are the Executive President and Vice President of Pioneer – maker of Qualatex.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • When Ted and Betty got into the Balloon Business
  • Who will determine the future of the Balloon Business
  • How does Pioneer get ideas for new product
  • The crossover of ideas from different countries
  • Why adding a new color is so complicated (you will be surprised by the scientific reason)
  • How many latex balloons factories does Pioneer use
  • What is the business of Pioneer (hint – it’s not about selling balloons)
  • The overlapping of art between “twisters” and “stackers” and who are the leading professionals in the field

Ted and Betty Vlamis - WBC 16

Ted and Betty Vlamis – WBC 16

You can learn more about Ted & Betty here:



Chapter tip:

How to create a funny funural for a popped balloon

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