Balloon artist line work

Season 1, chapter 2 – Patrick Van de Ven

Revolutionizing the Line Work – with Patrick Van De Ven

Season 1 chapter 2 – and this time we are visiting the Line Work and are looking for a way to improve it.

Patrick Van De Ven is a master twister, and he has revolutionized the line work.

In this chapter you will learn about:

  • How to make sure your sculptures are awesome by making them 80% ready in advance
  • Safety rule that makes sense – if the kids can ask he is old enough to get a balloon
  • How to use a chair in a line work environment – this system will blow your mind (pun intended)
  • Why explaining the rulesΒ is so important and how to do it the right way
  • What is the Guessing game and how to leverage it
  • The psychology of the value of the balloon you give
  • How to incorporate a balloon workshop in ALL of your line work events
  • How many sculptures should be created in one hour in the new system
  • Pre-madeΒ raisins – and when to put them in

See 5 pictures from Patrick’s PDFs including one exclusive fully exposed picture

Learn more about Patrick Van De Ven here: https:/ https:/ Patrick’s mail pvdven73@hotmail . com

balloon line work improved patrick chalk board The translation of the chalk board: Dear folks, Don’t promise your child a balloon please I cannot fulfil that promise I chose a child for the balloon sculpture I have in mind Sometimes kids may guess what balloon I’m making. the one that guesses it correctly, wins the balloon sculpture At around 16.40 kids can make their own balloon in a workshop. Your child will have a balloon then. Enjoy the balloon art! Β 

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See 5 pictures from Patrick’s PDFs including one exclusive fully exposed picture

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Secret tip of chapter 2

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