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Season 1, Chapter 12 – with your host – Zivi Kivi

 Season 1, Chapter 12 – Zivi Kivi, CBA – interviewed by Ken Kelly

Zivi Kivi, CBA, is the host of the Balloon Artist Podcast and runs a balloon business that offers entertainment, twisting and decor. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Zivi Kivi personal favorite resources:
  • Job cost forms: empty excel version is here
  • Tips for Conventions:
    • Come with a friendly attitude and bring your own pump and balloon cutter
    • learn the ethics rules:
      • Never take a sculpture made in class. Leave it be for people to take pictures and for the organizers to be able to donate it
      • Don’t take balloons from a jam room home. People might need them during the jam
      • Give credit to the convention owner and the instructor when you post pictures into facebook
  • Mastermind Groups and why it can boost your business
  • Why is the podcast split into seasons
  • What happens on season 2 of the Balloon Artist Podcast

All of the Tools ZK uses to run his Business are HERE

You can learn more about the Zivi Kivi here: https:/ Learn more about Zivi’s e-book and other resources – the deserts are here (paid): https:/ Balloon Artist Podcast Host All of the Tools ZK uses to run his Business are HERE

Chapter tip:

Check your spares


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