Buster Balloon and Annie Banannie

Season 1, Chapter 11 – Annie Banannie and Buster Balloon

Β Season 1, Chapter 11 –Β Annie Banannie and Buster Balloon

Annie Banannie and Buster Balloon are a major power couple that focuses their business on balloon shows. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Ideas on when to brainstorm ideas with your partner
  • Why it’s nice getting critique from someone you trust and respect
  • Virtual jamming – how to do it and with who
  • Jamming – why its important to do it also OUT of the convention realm (get ready to have your but kicked)
  • Jamming with people you know really well… and why you need to do that
  • Who are the balloon heroes of Buster Balloon and Annie Banannie
  • What is the one thing you should do if and when you meet Buster Balloon in a convention
  • What clause to add to your confirmation letter if you wanna be more like Buster (a.k.a the Sushi Story)
  • Tip number 1 about unique marketing – have a good logo. look what other people are doing and don’t do IT.
  • Tip number 2 about unique marketing – promo merchandise. Anything you give out has to be a GIFT.
  • Tip number 3 about unique marketing – educate your clients

3 tips from Buster Balloon

You can learn more about the Annie and Buster here: Annie Banannie – the Balloon Story Teller website: https:/www.balloonstoryteller.com/ Buster Balloon – the website: https:/acmeballooncompany.com/acmeballoon.com/Shows.html Buy Buster Balloon’s digital downloads: https:/www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=34 Buster Balloon Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BusterBalloonFanPage/?fref=nf Buster’s insta: https://www.instagram.com/busterballoon/

3 tips from Buster Balloon

Chapter tip:

Just ask

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