David Brenion and Shana Brenion

Season 1, Chapter 10 – Shana and David Brenion

Β Season 1, Chapter 10 – Shana and David Brenion

Shana and David Brenion are a power couple that focuses their business on entertainment with balloons. In this chapter you will learn:

  • How enhancing the aesthetics of your work improves the reactions
  • The World Class Balloon Art club and why you should join it (by doing world class balloons)
  • The right level of balloon art to strive for – and how it affects marketing
  • The tip David’s mother gave to him (and how it materialized in real life. Hint – marketing budget equal zero)
  • Upgrade your twisting gigs by bringing music
  • The concept of line work as a show – this will change your perspective forever
  • How Spotify or Pandora can help you find music that fits a specific genre
  • How it helps for people to hear that the Brenions are married
  • The slow build system and how to incorporate that into your twisting gigs in a birthday
  • Making balloons for the grown up – GENIUS! Hear the way that D&S do this
  • The no line – line up idea: controlling the crowd by being charismatic
  • Alberto Nava’s Hairband DVD – a must have recommendation
  • Using exclusively wearables – hairbands, backpacks and bracelets – the reasons
  • Balloon show – choosing by visual and solving a problem (to enhance the experience)

An extra audio file with David Brenion

You can learn more about the Brenions here: https:/niftyballoons.com/ See the awesome content that Nifty balloons offer as paid digital downloads: https:/www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&osCsid=47bb60470d6361f1314eef54cb8a9100 See Nifty Balloons Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NiftyBalloons/
balloon shows with the brenions

An extra audio file with David Brenion

Chapter tip:

The app True Caller and why to use it

The link for OriganizersΒ – this chapter was sponsoredΒ by this awesome product that I (ZK) personally use:


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