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Season 1, chapter 3.5 – Fulvia Hughes – CBA Practicals

Season 1 special (chapter 3.5) – How to prepare yourself for the CBW Practical Exam

Fulvia Hughes has been twisting for 7 years now, and has a circus act. In the last few year she has been working under Guy Sheffer’s brand: BalonizemΒ in both twisting and decor.

Fulvia has a huge experience with hands on decor projects, from decorating shopping malls to concept birthdays.

She has approached me for advice about the CBA Practical Exam as I am the last one who passed the test in Israel (two year ago).

In this chapter you will learn all about the CBA Practical Exam:

  • Tips about how to prepare for the test
  • What should you memorise for the interview part
  • What level of techniques should you incorporate into your centerpiece and deliverable
  • How long should each design take you to make
  • Should you use Helium in your designs on the CBA Practical Exam
  • Should both the Centerpiece and Deliverable be themed similarily
  • And more tips on how to survive and pass the exam!

cba practical exam


How to make a 5 balloon cluster column by Sue Bowler:


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