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Season 1, Chapter 1 – Sue Bowler

Balloon Artist Podcast is proud to present –Β Sue Bowler

Season 1 starts here, and the theme of the first season is how to make money with balloons.

On the first chapter, Sue Bowler exposes the hurdles she had to overcome in her first years.

She shares how she managedΒ to go into teaching.

And most importantly – she lays the blueprint of how to go into decor as an additional income vector.

In this chapter you will learn about:

  • What are the principles of design and why you must understand them if you want to earn money with decor
  • What kind of friends and relationship you can get by attending conventions
  • What are the core skills a your decorator needs
  • How to size your balloons
  • What is the ultimate piece of equipment for air-filled balloon decor
  • How to tie your balloons correctly and why it is the most important tip
  • What will Proportion and Scale do to your decor & Twisting pieces
  • What is the Harmony of a design and how to create it
  • Creativity ideas
  • What is the one goal of decor on a wedding
  • How to build your first portfolio and the importance of it
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be a master of everything
  • Why you must have a website for your company
  • What is the one best convention you should attend if you want to be serious with your decor work
  • Some ideas on how to create a base for your centerpieces
  • What is the worst thing you can do when you talk with a prospect
  • What is perceived value and why this concept will help you earn more money

Grab the resource the Sue mentioned in the interview – 5 coloring books resources collected especially for you, as well as the lions head design.
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To learn more about Sue Bowler please visit her blog: https:/ Or her shop: https:/ Β 

sue bowler sue2 Β  Get 5 coloring books resources

Secret tip of Chapter 1:

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