BAP Season 9 Chapter 8

Dylan Rowe has over 30 years of experience entertaining in both Europe and America. Dylan has a unique talent for creating innovative new balloon designs draws crowds wherever he goes. He is able to make anything while engaging the crowd with stories, jokes, and magicΒ 

  • Dylan created a chess board balloon sculpture which won in a major Balloon Art competition
  • Dylan started at an early age of 8 years old tried to ran away with the circus
  • Dylan enrolled in a workshop and went all over Europe at 16
  • In 2004 Dylan moved to America and became a restaurant twister
  • Dylan uses the children’s imagination to fuel his creations
  • Dylan just recently joined conventions and competitions
  • Dylan doesn’t look at the cost of the balloon sculpture, he looks at it purely as an art
  • Dylan also shared what happened during the pandemic and lockdowns
  • A lot of valuable things that’s worth listening on this episode, don’t miss it.

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