BAP Season 9 Chapter 8

Dylan Rowe, a masterful entertainer with over 30 years of experience, has been delighting audiences across Europe and America with his extraordinary balloon designs. His unique talent for creating innovative sculptures, paired with his engaging stories, jokes, and magic, makes every performance unforgettable.

  • Dylan created a chess board balloon sculpture which won in a major Balloon Art competition
  • Dylan started at an early age of 8 years old tried to ran away with the circus
  • Dylan enrolled in a workshop and went all over Europe at 16
  • In 2004 Dylan moved to America and became a restaurant twister
  • Dylan uses the children’s imagination to fuel his creations
  • Dylan just recently joined conventions and competitions
  • Dylan doesn’t look at the cost of the balloon sculpture, he looks at it purely as an art
  • Dylan also shared what happened during the pandemic and lockdowns

Don’t miss this episode packed with Dylan’s fascinating stories and boundless creativityβ€”perfect for anyone looking for inspiration from a top-notch birthday entertainer.

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