BAP Season 9 Chapter 7

Dave Brenn has traveled the globe, teaching and performing at the top levels of the balloon art world. He has performed at Disneyland, red carpet galas for Pixar, multiple TV appearances including the Disney Chanel and Dreamworks TV, and he was a lead designer on multiple Guinness World Record Breaking balloon sculptures in China.

  • Dave Brenn gave his thoughts on why he makes shows
  • Dave’s first time performance in Japan was memorable. Find out why
  • Dave needed to write a completely new show when performing to new type of audiences
  • Dave’s most important gig was in Disney
  • Dave’s thought on doing free gigs and why it is important
  • Dave shares his diet what he eats
  • Dave also shared what happened during the pandemic
  • A lot of valuable things that’s worth listening on this episode, don’t miss it.

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