BAP Season 9 Chapter 6

Today, Lea Beck runs this full-time balloon company out of her newly relocated studio located in Walnut Creek, CA., offering Curb Side Pick ups, custom deliverable gifts and on-site installations. 

  • Lea is a 3rd generation balloon artist
  • Lea took over the family business in 2012
  • During the pandemic the business had to consolidate and move
  • Lea has been doing balloons for 23 years now and full time
  • Lea is also a Qualatex instructor
  • Lea opened up a new shop and six other balloon business opened around the vicinity
  • Lea doesn’t do that much marketing but plans to do some in the future
  • Lea also shared her top selling designs
  • A lot of valuable things that’s worth listening on this episode, don’t miss it.

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Getting into Six-Figure Business by Rachel Porter

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