BAP Season 9 Chapter 4

It took about two years for Derek Wong to grow from dabbler to professional – in 2013 he started his balloon business, Twisted Inflations, taking a hobby to a budding business.

  • Derek is a master twister from Toronto, Canada
  • Derek’s pre booked gigs were all cancelled when the pandemic started
  • After a year they are now allowed to have outdoor events
  • Before the pandemic Derek was doing twisting and decor
  • Derek used the pandemic time to rethink his balloon career
  • Derek uses balloons to express his feelings
  • Derek also joins competitions and the last one was Float
  • Derek won some awards in his last competition
  • Derek competes as himself and with Team Canada
  • A lot of valuable things that’s worth listening on this episode, don’t miss it.

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Download 3 Balloon Braid by Scott Tripp