BAP Season 9 Chapter 13

Welcome to Episode 13 of this season. Today we will talk about how the new Quick Mock-up tool (available exclusively through Balloon Artist College) can help Balloon Decorators.

  • Zivi shared that creating the new Quick Mock-up tool for balloon decorator is meant to serve the industry and create something that does not exist yet

  • One of the goals of the Quick Mock-up tool is to help balloon artists create mock ups fast – like under 1-2 minutes fast

  • The balloon decor tool is already available for Balloon Artist College members

  • Zivi shared the behind-the scenes of the creation a new Quick Mock-up tool which took years to create

  • The new mock-up tool’s unique selling proposition is speed

  • Listen to this episode and you will know how to use the new quick mock-up tool

  • You can easily choose colors for each layer of a design and complete a mock-up in 60 seconds 

  • This tool can help balloon decorates when trying to get a sell from a client

  • Using a decor menu is trendy and efficient if you want to earn more, and this tool helps create those

  • The Quick Mock-up tool can help in managing teams, it has a shopping cart feature and a quote mechanism

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How to Create a Balloon Decor Mock-Up by Rachel Porter