BAP Season 9 Chapter 12- Art of the Upsell

Welcome to Episode 12 Shop Talk of this season. Today we have Rachel Porter as a guest co-host and she talks about The Art of the Upsell. 

  • Rachel learned the art of upselling in a donut company when she was 17

  • Rachel shared why you need to be curious and know more about the business to offer more

  • Rachel cited examples of what to offer to upsell in indoor birthday parties

  • Rachel used client’s location to provide more services

  • Rachel talked about “seeing yourself as a designer” to make upselling easier

  • Zivi shared how Zoom helped him upsell to a balloon decor client

  • Rachel listed down other decor options to offer for upselling

  • Rachel talked about balloon products to consider in upselling

  • A How To Video of setting up decors would be helpful in building online presence, backlinks, and SEO

  • Ziv mentioned that upselling can be done even right after the deal

  • For more hacks on business, listen to the next episodes

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How to Calculate Delivery Fees Lesson by Rachel Porter