BAP Season 9 Chapter 11

Welcome to Episode 11 Shop Talk of this season. Today we have Rachel Porter as a guest co-host and she talks about Automation and what we can do to streamline our businesses.

  • Rachel talked about CRM and accounting software and how she uses it
  • Rachel used the birthday as a sample to automate scheduled marketing
  • Zivi talked about how his business changed when he used an automation
  • Rachel and Zivi talked about why tracking expenses and profit is important to the business
  • Back in 1997 Rachel started taking orders online
  • For Rachel, regardless where the customer communicates, she always bring them to order in her website
  • Rachel explained her simple automation in getting orders online and how she organize it
  • Listen to this episode if you wanna start saving time and get more orders
  • One more shop talk episode and two more with surprise guests are coming up on this season so stay tuned

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Strategies to build up your inventory by Rachel Porter