BAP Season 8 Chapter 8

Annie Bannanie aka the Balloon Storyteller is a veteran in kids entertainment. She is also a regular instructor in Balloon Artist College.

  • Annie was in the musical theater before going into balloons
  • When she started doing balloons she immediately realized the potential of it as a business
  • Annie wrote several books about balloons and many kids shows
  • Annie does her shows in libraries, schools and theaters
  • Annie had a life changing decision that changed her health
  • Annie shared the steps of creating a balloon story 
  • “The kids are more creative than people give them credit for” – Annie

 Check out Annies full course on getting into the Library and School market with mid week gigs – through Balloon Storytelling.

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Download the bonus lesson – What is Creativity and Understanding Creativity from the Creativity Master Blaster course

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