BAP Season 8 Chapter 7

Sara T. MeyerΒ is a brilliant Balloon Artist, the winner of the Designer Award of the Year 2019 in FLOAT. She was chosen to design the Grand Gala Party in the next WBC in 2021.

  • Sara is from Wisconsin, USA and she owns the Wisconsin Balloon Decor
  • Sara has been doing balloons for just 3 years
  • Before she went into balloon decor, she was an art teacher
  • She was an art teacher for 5 years
  • When she joined the FLOAT competition she only worked by herself
  • Sara networks with people that work in events like wedding coordinators
  • Sara uses Instagram to interact with people and get clients
  • Sara focuses and doing the jobs that only interest her

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Download the bonus lesson –Β Linework Face from The Pookie Experience Course

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