BAP Season 8 Chapter 6

Narelle Fouche is a veteran kids entertainer from Perth, Australia. She is also a regular instructor in Balloon Artist College.

  • Narelle started around 1997 when she was 18
  • Narelle’s husband is a circus performer
  • Her balloon career was “supposed to be” just a hobby
  • Narelle prefers linking balloons for balloon decorations and balloon sculptures
  • She had big projects with balloon sculptures like 100ft of a linking balloons wall
  • Narelle often reverse engineers a design and makes her own tweaks on it
  • She loves to be part of the BAC’s international community
  • Narelle always takes the BAC challenge and she tries to push herself further
  • Narelle also explained how she deals with the issue of banning balloons in Australia
  • BAC is a resource that I never had when I started and it’s a resource that I don’t want to lose” – Narelle


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Download the bonus lecture – Going Into Facepainting with Julia Huffaker

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