BAP Season 8 Chapter 4

Welcome to Balloon Artist Podcast Season 8, episode 4! In this “chapter” you will get to meet Marc Feickert aka Marvelous Marc

  • Marc a linguist academically but is also fascinated with balloons
  • He easily learned the twisting techniques by watching Youtube videos and reading books
  • He always want to make something from a new movie, like the infinity gauntlet from Thanos
  • And he always wants to give it to someone as a gift
  • On some parts of the year he doesn’t do a lot of decor and twisting, he’s just doing it for loyal and regular clients
  • He has red-green color blindness so he organizes his balloons properly
  • Marc regularly goes to Twist and Shout conventions and has no plans of stopping
  • For Marc, contributing in anyway he can to the industry is satisfying
  • Marc is a BAC member and is a part of the team that created the Balloon Stock app
  • “I have enough of my own skill that makes me a great artist in my own right” – Marc


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Download the bonus about Copywriting – How to write in a way that people will read.

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