BAP Season 8 Chapter 3

Drew Ripley a very talented balloon artist from Canada, a theater show producer and performer.

  • His First balloon book was from Marvin Hardy from 1986 on his 10th birthday.
  • Drew mastered all of Marvin’s design within a year or two
  • He has been working professionally with balloons for 10 years now
  • Has a World Record in twisting in a cold winter outside
  • When he’s building a balloon character it becomes its own personality as it completes
  • For Drew releasing the character is the hardest part because of the special relationship he develops with it
  • He enjoys the performance side of being a ballon artist
  • One of his show is the Balloon Making Machine where he uses custome props while showing magic and balloons skills
  • He’s developing another balloon variety show where every act must involve balloons and it’s called Theater of Whimsy
  • Danny Schlesinger is a host and the director of that show and organizes some of the show components
  • The Maker Space – a shared shop is where he goes to connect with people and he’s a chairman in his area
  • His focus right now is in the theater show because it requires a lot of work to do
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation made a 15 minute documentary about Team Canada performers which he is part of
  • You have to find what makes you unique” – Drew
  • The world belongs to people that show up” – Drew


Drew Ripley Bonus show notes:

Drew Ripley Entertainment


Baulder, the 2 person Rideable Puppet

Theatre of Whimsy

Canada’s Twisted Team


Download the bonus Linework Alternatives – Optimizing the Line

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