BAP Season 8 Chapter 2

Rachel Porter a veteran in so many ways, a decorator to casinos and in the corporate setting. Rachel helps and coaches people around topics like decor pricing and business. Here’s a quick recap of this chapter:

  • Rachel has been a balloon artist for 25 years now and still going
  • She started as an Inventory Control Clerk and a Material Manager at a Fortune 500 Company
  • She used to sell balloon bouquets in the company to help fund their annual company picnic and that was her introduction to balloon art
  • When she lost her job she contacted her balloon supplier because she didn’t know what to do
  • She was given a Qualitex brochure and that’s where the thought off selling balloons as a business started
  • At 28 years old, she used all the money she could get and bought all the tools and materials needed to start
  • Her very first job was not that good. Sounds familiar?
  • She learned about the systems around building balloon decor and even these days find more fun in those type of projects in comparison to the artistic ones
  • She’s developed a technique that repels the wrong customer and attracts the customers that you do want
  • She exclusively does corporate decor events because she wants to limit her job and still earn good money
  • Working as a corporate decorator was a life-changing decision that put her in a situation that she really loves
  • She got her biggest casino and corporate customers by reaching out them
  • She created an environment of scarcity in her county for all the companies and casinos
  • She started with Balloon Decor menus by just getting the images from the manufacturer and then learned how to use tools like Microsoft Paint and Publisher
  • She’s got a collection of YouTube video tutorials to learn how to use the tools she uses for her balloon clipart and menus
  • She also teaches about pricing so that you can properly charge clients
  • Let go of the challenge of trying to book 100% of calls coming in” – Rachel

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Download the bonus decor webinar with Melissa Sherk

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