BAP Season 8 Chapter 14

DJ Morrow is a prodigy balloon deco-twister from Texas, USA. 

  • DJ calls the decor that he does Luxury Balloon Sculptures
  • DJ is only 24 years old and he already knows a lot in the balloon twisting industry
  • DJ doesn’t like selling to people but he’s determined to learn the aspect of marketing in the next 6 months
  • DJ get gigs mostly from word of mouth but is looking to improve his website
  • Zivi mentioned some podcast episodes and resources for marketing and for balloon decor
  • Zivi also mentioned the Zivi Kivi Gift that can be found in Google that is FREE
  • Listen to the Tips from Zivi in the last part of this final episode of the season

 Resource Links: 

Download the Part Timer Guide lecture from The Best Dad Ever Webinar Series

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