BAP Season 8 Chapter 13

Ron Fowler aka Flower Clown is a veteran balloon twister with amazing balloon bags design. 

  • Ron started twisting as a hobby in 1988
  • Ron discovered the hand pump in 1997 and never stopped twisting since then
  • Ron became a clown because he didn’t want people to know him
  • Ron has been a full time clown in 2000
  • He was able to quit his engineering job 
  • Ron created his first balloon bag using his grandma’s sewing machine
  • He brought it overseas and made it a better one and now it’s made available through
  • He learned tailoring and bag making because of the bag
  • Ron was asked to do a bag with wheels to make it easier to carry (and that’s when the Zuca cart came into play)
  • Ron already has sketches for his new products
  • “Let your balloon money pay for your equipment” – Ron
  • “Kids come for the entertainment… and they get a balloon too!” – Ron
  • “As long as I’m having fun, they’re having fun” – Ron

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Download the bonus lesson – 100 Balloons in 1 Hour by Greg McMahan.

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