BAP Season 8 Chapter 12

Carl Woody is a veteran kids entertainer and balloon artist from South Carolina, USA. He has a family business that provides twisting, entertainment and balloon decor services. He is also the Director of Logistics of FLOAT.

  • Carl has been doing balloons for 25 years and has been a full timer for 17 years now
  • Carl’s wife does balloons and face painting and they enjoy working together in the business
  • Carl has been doing balloon decor in the last two years
  • Carl is still doing magic in his shows and that’s included in some of his packages
  • His kids helped him behind the scenes when they were kids so now they know how to do balloon decor
  • Carl is a the Director of Logistics in FLOAT and gets to attend lessons that he want
  • He’s also been to a lot of conventions like Twist and Shout
  • Really interesting stories from Carl, make sure you listen to them

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Download the bonus lesson – The lesson of Two 260 Swirl Bracelet  from the BRACELETS Course in BAC.

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