BAP Season 8 Chapter 11

Greg McMahan is a veteran kids entertainer and balloon artist from Ohio, USA who can twist for 100 children even without a line.

  • Greg has been doing balloon twisting for 45 years now. WOW!
  • Greg started with magic and became a pro after 11 years
  • Greg also does graphic design, web design and writes books
  • Greg teaches in a circus camp and he’s been doing it for 27 years
  • He usually has 300 un-inflated balloons in his bucket and ready to twist for any kid
  • He can do a balloon dog in 5 seconds
  • Greg has a book called ‘Kids Think It’s Funny’ available to members of Balloon Artist College
  • Greg shared some tips at the end of this episode, make sure you listen to them

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Download the bonus lesson – Ultimate Baby Centerpiece from the BAC Pratice Sessions Webinar Series

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