BAP Season 8 Chapter 1

Danny Schlesinger a.k.a Danny the Idiot is an all around perfomer, show director and coach. Here’s a quick recap of this chapter:

  • Danny does shows in UK and other countries like USA, he’s also a Balloon and Magic Show director

  • He started when he was studying his Geography degree and his next room neighbor does juggling, he also went to York to his Aunt and saw juggling performers and he fascinated,  so when he went back to college he joined the juggling club to learn how to juggle.

  • After he finished his degree he didn’t really know what to do so he joined a circus school. This was in 1989 and 1990 when he went to circus school and that where it all started. 

  • When he started, he only had books and videos, no internet and very slim selection of balloon colors.

  • When he was starting he’s only doing birthday parties and just one balloon animals and then he made a cabaret act around the London comedy club circuits. Danny then decided to do longer shows in theaters which is a bit more nicer than the comedy club.

  • Danny studied balloons as much as he could. He made 20 minute shows and then longer shows and when he went to meet with Avner the Eccentric in America, that change everything.

  • Danny made 50 minute shows made of 5 to 6 different routines, he performed it in a few theaters and he was asked to performed in Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. His show was supported and well known and he never looked back since then.

  • He decided very early in his career that he doesn’t want a day job, he worked in different shows in TV, corporate events, parties and etc. He basically said YES to everything.

  • His shows is the most profitable of all the things he does.

  • He practices and anticipates every mistake that could happen in his shows. For him the most important is to enjoy and be confident. One time he was performing early in his career, one of his routine failed and he just lived in the moment and went through it.

  • His source of inspiration is what he finds from the internet, he learns it and tries it and then decides if he wants it to be in his show. He always thinks of ways on how to do something with balloons. Main thing he does is looking outside the balloon world to innovate his shows.

  • He has Danny Directs – a coaching service, where he helps people improve their shows. He’s been through different trainings and all that feeds to what he does all the time.

  • Danny also designed a challenge for balloon artists, some easy to start with games or scenarios. Everything he put in the challenge is from his experience.

  • Even if it’s the same show. It’s a different audience in a different space.” – Danny

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