5 Facebook Groups We LOVE

There are SOOOOO many balloon related Facebook Groups these days. This is an important step in the industry becoming more mature, with information shared very generously by professionals from all around the world.

We think that a facebook group is like a party. You don’t want to spend too much time in a dead party right? and while there are many VERY ACTIVE balloon parties going on right now, we have decided to choose 5 and share them with you.

1. Balloon Artist – this is where Balloon Artist Podcast shares its goodies, and where Balloon Artist College does its Facebook Live lectures between 2 to 6 times a month.
Its a well-rounded group for both twisters and decorators and this is also where you can see the activities of the 21 day challenges, 4 times a year.

2. Balloon Twister Central – the most active twisting community in the world on facebook. This means you will also be able to share a picture and brag, ask a question about where can you learn this or that, and connect with twisting legends. Just make sure you know a thing or too about Balloon Ethiqete as people are rightfully upset when you ignore them. You can learn about the rules of ethics in the Balloon industry on the resources tab ofΒ

3. Balloon Friends – one of the most generous groups out there for decorators. People are always willing to help out and you get exposed to some high-end balloon decor. With over 7k members, there is always someone around to help you.

4. Balloon Artist College – this one is closed toΒΒ members and it features Facebook Live Balloon Jams and classes, as well as a daily business related tip five times a week by Zivi Kivi.
You can try joining it but you will need to join the membership first to actually get through the doors.

5. Bad Mouth Balloon Artists – this group was created as a bit of a joke, and a bit of a place to vent. The rules are simple – you HAVE to curse in each post or comment and yet to maintain respect towards each other.

What is your favorite balloon group?

Enjoy facebooking! Just remember to play nicely and don’t waste too much time in it as the real learning is done through hard work and with no shortcuts. Free is fun (podcasts or even the free courses in BAC) but it has its price too (not all content you consume is helpful and sometimes its hard to find who to listen too). Imagine what would happen if you spent 20 minutes every day on practicing instead of on… BUSY WORK (work that makes you feel you are busy but doesn’t yield great return on investment of time)

Yours truly
Zivi Kivi
Balloon Artist College, Founder

and host of Balloon Artist Podcast

p.s – to check up our membership use this now: